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Julia Afshari

Manager / Head of Service

First and foremost, Julia is a Mother to her two year-old daughter Lyla Grace. In 2018 Julia started as a line cook at Lemon Press and over the years she has grown up in the ranks to full time Manager. Julia thrives in the fast-paced environment of Lemon Press, and she will tell you that, “putting a smile on people's faces”, is the best part of her job. 

Julia moved to Nantucket with the intention of staying for one summer, but one summer turned into many summers thereafter, as she fell in love with the island’s beauty and the incredible community. Julia loves to garden, go for walks/jogs with her dog Koda, and jumping into the ocean every day of the year (one of her biggest goals!). She also loves cooking homemade, Persian meals at home, and makes the best “Lubia Polo” in her family!. Julia loves being involved with her family's business and pours her heart and soul into it every day