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Ahimsa: An Invitation to Intuitive Wellness


Ahimsa is an experience of building a relationship with your body, your food and your overall wellness that is compassionate, intuitive and enjoyable.

Our central theme is that true health is not just about what you’re eating, but also about how you are relating to your body, your mind, your emotions, your food and your life.

The word Ahimsa is a Sanskrit (language of Ancient India) word that means to live compassionately, without inflicting harm or violence on self or others.

Many trends in health, wellness and fitness are practiced in a harmful manner; extreme attempts to alter and control the physical body, without regard for how it feels. We designed this program to be an exploration into the ways in which you are in relationship to yourself and your health. How do you speak to yourself when no one else is listening and the ways in which you treat yourself when no one else can see?  What extremes to you go to look a certain way, and are those extremes serving you? Our intention is to provide information and experiences that will allow you to bring more enjoyment and less stress into whatever it is you do to feel your best.


The Specifics:

The 5 day Ahimsa program weaves together Intuitive Eating, plant-based foods, reflection, yoga and meditation. Participants receive 3 meals and 2 snacks per day from Lemon Press and are able to move through the week without expending energy on planning, buying, prepping, and cooking meals.  The meals are thoughtfully created to be easy to digest with a wide range of nutrients.  If the food we supply does not fill you up, you can of course supplement with other foods.

This is not a cleanse, this is not a diet and it is most definitely not a quick fix.
In addition to the food, we meet as a group on 3 evenings to explore and re-imagining relationship to our definitions of health and wellness to create practices that are holistic, compassionate, intuitive and sustainable. Please consider the evening sessions as an essential part of the process.


Evening Sessions:

Sunday: Introductions, questions, themes, invitations
Monday evening: Restorative Yoga Class with Evie
Wednesday evening: Group discussion and meditation

Sign up for a 2018 Ahimsa Program to begin building a compassionate and intuitive relationship to your body and your wellness.

AHIMSA Session 1325.00 USDMay 21st - May 25th, 2018
AHIMSA Session 2325.00 USDJune 18th - June 22nd, 2018
AHIMSA Session 3325.00 USDJuly 16th - July 20th, 2018
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